Jill Scott has always been a stunning woman, but she truly radiated beauty and light when she stepped out after her big chop with a close-cropped TWA. She just oozed confidence, power and grace when she hit the stage with her short natural cut, and all her beautiful facial features stood out even more.

She looks just as brilliant on the cover of Essence magazine’s October issue. The fact that Jilly from Philly chose to rock her TWA on the cover is a bold statement and it marks a refreshing diversion from the long natural or relaxed hairstyles we usually see.

Ms. Scott is fully aware of how rare and significant her cover look is, and opens up about her relationship with her hair in the article:

“This is the simplest form of myself. I look in the mirror and it’s like, ‘Hey, there you go. What’s up, girl?’ For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory. Tomorrow I may want a wig down to my butt and I’m gonna rock it, and the next day I may want a big Afro and I’m gonna rock that too…”

I love the freedom she wields when choosing her hairstyles from wigs to razor-sharp cuts. It’s also fascinating that she says her TWA “is the simplest form of myself.” Some women, not all, are scared to see themselves without long hair and use it as a security blanket but Jill seems at peace with her look at any length.

What do you think of the Essence Magazine cover, Clutchettes? Do you have a similar relationship to your hair?

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  • Ms. Write

    Yes, Jill!

  • soulfullyreal

    I love Jill, and just saw her at the Made in America fest in Philly (she was amazing!), but she has covered Essence literally 2-3 a year for the past 4 years. I really wish there was a younger equivalent to Essence that isn’t as stale and repetitive. I don’t hate em, and if i skim the table of contents and find something interesting, I might cop it, but where’s Vibe Vixen or Suede when you need ’em?

    Jill Scott, Mary J, Halle Berry, Monique, Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, Tyler Perry, Jada Pinkett, one group photo (like a ensemble movie or something) and a wild card (a new star/athlete, etc). There, Essence covers for the last 5 years…

    • Ms. Information

      Gabby Douglas would have been a nice cover.

  • D.T.

    Meh…not moved by the cover or her hair. How about they switch it up and use models on the covers or showcase people that aren’t that well known. I would love to see some of my favorite YT vloggers such as NikkiMae2003, Kimmaytube or BlackOnyx on the cover.

    • Ms. Information

      I accidently reported this comment, was trying to hit reply..sorry…was going to say that that is a great idea to put bloggers on the cover…it would bring them into the 21st century and allow new talent to get exposure.

  • blackmaleatheist

    so cutting you’re hair short like a man is natural O.o. then where my photo shot at i have short hair since i was born.

  • I like Jill Scott,I think she is this generations Cecily Tyson. She brings sensitivity, class and style to every role that she plays. Her music is insightfull,delightful and devine. I don’t care what she does to her hair she rocks it and owns it, and looks good doing it. I changed my mind I don’t like Jill Scott, I Love Her!!!