The next time you try to get through customs, and you’re pulled aside so the agent can thoroughly check your weave, blame dumbasses Kinda Howell and Makeeba Graham or Harlem. These two women, returning from a trip to Guyana, figured it would be smart to smuggle in two kilos of cocaine. After arriving into NYC’s John F. Kennedy Airport, the two women started acting suspicious as they were nearing customs. Maybe they forgot about that minor detail.

As the dynamic drug duo were getting patted down, officials noticed that their hair had bulges in it. Apparently, the bulges were not double tracked weaves, but drugs that were sewn into the hair. Upon being asked to remove the weaves, Howell confessed that 996 grams of drugs were sewn into her natural hair. She said her boyfriend paid her $7,500 for transporting the drugs into the country. Graham also confessed to having 1,046 grams sewn in.

Kinda Howell and Makeeba Graham were both arrested on federal drug smuggling charges. It’s just unbeweavable that these women would take such a crazy risk, while I’m sure their boyfriend is sitting back in Guyana soaking in the sun. The things people do for love and money.

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