I despise razors and I don’t do those messy depilatory creams. I’m ashamed to admit that I can barely stand the sting when waxing my eyebrows. Despite my numerous gripes with the obligations of womanhood, I hate not being smooth and hairless much more.

My aspiration to become a silky, smooth goddess really proved to be burdensome this past summer. Battling ingrown hairs, razor bumps and discoloration was taxing. I started looking into laser hair removal. If I had the money, I’d be lasered from head to toe, Kardashian style.

I fell victim to my own ignorance and purchased a groupon from a local med spa for my underarms. Unfortunately, I ended up being barbecued and it smelt like I was left on the grill a little too long. I should have noticed the lack of brown people in the waiting room, and took that as a sign. Stay with me.

During a session, a laser beam passes through the skin and an intense heat is applied to each hair follicle. The damage to the follicles slows, or in best cases, stops the growth cycle. The procedure is said to work best for those with lighter complexions and darker hair (read: black people proceed with caution).

As a woman of color interested in laser hair removal, I have to be cautious; I can’t go just anywhere. Not all lasers are created equal. If this is something you’re interested in trying, make sure to do your research. You skin will thank you later.

-Nadiah Rodriguez

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