Behind Mansion Walls … Happily Never After … Nightmare Next Door. These are just some of the titles you can view round-the-clock on Investigation Discovery — the trashy, real-life crime drama offshoot of the Discovery Channel. I have recently developed a morbid fascination with Investigation Discovery or, ID, as it prefers to be called among friends.

What do I love about it? The escapism, the decadence, the satisfying resolutions (be they grim or vindicating), the “at least it’s not me” factor, letting it run all day while I engage in mundane tasks—gruesome, entertaining background noise.

But I’m slowly realizing ID may also have its drawbacks, and our friendship its perils. Aside from the fact that I have no one with whom to pore over these shows—half because no one else has discovered this channel, half because I’m, frankly, ashamed of my low culture obsession—and aside from feeling like a sociopathic voyeur, ID has slowly begun to color how I view the world.

When you spend your days with psychotic neighbors, evil twins and conscienceless spouses, it becomes increasingly hard to discern reality from the statistical improbabilities on television. Everyone on the daily train commute is hiding some volatile secret or deranged, violent urge. Every benevolent door-holder has an ulterior motive, wants to follow you to an alley and strangle you with a shoelace.

According to Psychology Today, “Our current media environment, with its endless repetition of scary news, has the effect of magnifying threats, which gives rise to paranoia in the susceptible. Now more than ever, the stage is set for suspicious thinking.”

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  • doubledup

    Ha. I’m addicted to Law & Order. I can’t watch my Netfix without watching at least one episode. It has had unattended consequences. I look for all kinds of signs of criminal behavior and bad behavior. I can get paranoia sometimes. But I think it’s worth it

  • K

    wow whoever wrote this really has some internal issues going on, how can love and hip be classified as trashy and Nightmare next Door is trashy too??? huh???? you also call it “low culture obsession” so what does that make you? not low culture?? i know i am going to be called a “hater” especially after this next statement but i dont care, personally I always watch ID and id like to know how any of this shows are different from watching a Dateline show on NBC about a murder or a 20/20 special??? What makes these shows trashy?? These are murder mysteries most of time from people who have been the victims of real crime. I find nothing “trashy or low culture” about crime shows. To me its nothing different from someone having a preference for murder mystery fiction over science fiction. furthermore as the above poster commented sooo is Law & Order trashy too?? I enjoy Law & Order but that seems like that would be more “trashy” as its fake as opposed to these …ok this is getting to long this post just really confused me as never in my life have I heard stories about crime being called trashy and low culture wow just wow

  • MySister’sKepper

    I love all things Investigation Discovery. Every once in a while I make a concious effort to turn to something a little happier. I can definitely see how too much ID can skew one’s view of the world.

  • Lolz reading this at 12:00 in the morning has left me feeling a bit paranoid. *looks over shoulder*