Apparently Mimi Faust thought Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta was going to play out like an episode of Girlfriends, where everyone got along and there was going to very little drama. Unfortunately she was sadly mistaken, and recently during an interview with Street Disciplez Radio, she said it was a terrible experience.

Really, Mimi? Who would have thunk it.

There wasn’t an episode of this show where everyone was happy at the same damn time. It was constant drama and fighting, and Stevie J faces. “I didn’t enjoy the experience because it was a surprise to me. […] It was terrible, it was absolutely awful,” she said.

Although it seemed like Mimi was Stevie J’s biggest cheerleader on the show and sticking by her man through thick and thin, she says that wasn’t the case at all. “I didn’t stick with anything, that’s what people don’t know,” said Faust. “Because you guys saw us at the park doesn’t mean I stuck with him. That was me agreeing to go to counseling and me agreeing to sit down with him,” Mimi explained.

Mimi also said she was in the dark about what was going on, until it aired on television. The cast members also can’t speak to each other about their individual scenes, but it does happen. “I watched it unravel and unfold, just like everybody else. When I film and I tape, that’s the only thing I know what’s going on. They don’t tell us anything. They keep us in the complete dark.”

Although she’s complaining about the horrible experience, she didn’t say it would prevent her from returning for a second season. Of course it wouldn’t. A check is a check. Maybe during the second season, they’ll be a new side chick for her to harass or better yet, maybe her and Joseline can become bff’s and double team Steebie.

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