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Despite its name, VH1’s hit reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, is a little lite on romance. While we got a glimpse of the inner workings of a few interesting couples this season, what we saw was a whole lot of dysfunction and very little love. But on Monday’s reunion show, Lil Scrappy aimed to change that.

During the season, Lil Scrappy was caught in a bit of a love triangle. Despite repeatedly professing his love for his “baby mama” Erica (his words, I hate the term), he also showered his “friend” Shay with compliments and the L-word when he felt Erica wasn’t giving him what he wanted.

The triangle came to a head during the season when word got back to Erica that Scrappy and Shay attended his album release party together. Although they seemed to be taking a break from their relationship, she was hurt that he’d show up with Shay, and once again let another woman come between them.

On Monday night’s reunion show, however, Scrappy attempted to set things straight, once again telling Erica and Shay that while he loved them both, he wanted to try to make things work with the mother of his child.

In the least romantic proposal this side of Jim Jones’ surprise for Chrissy, and after explaining his love for both women caught in his sordid triangle, Scrappy popped the question to Erica, poignantly asking her, “Is you gon’ marry a n***a?”

While the audience cheered as Erica happily accepted Scrappy’s proposal, I shook my head. Though I wish them well, I can’t help think that Scrappy and Erica are falling victim to the notion that putting a ring on it will automatically fix a couple’s problems.

History and divorce rates tell us that getting married in the hopes that the commitment will cure whatever ails a relationship just isn’t smart or successful. And yet, couples keep trying to fix their deep-seated relationship issues with a white dress and a party among friends.

Let’s take Erica, for example. Less than ten minutes after telling viewers that she didn’t really trust Scrappy based on how he treated her in the past, she happily let him slip a rock on her finger and said her heart was full of happiness because of the engagement.

But my question is why? What happened in the span of a few minutes that helped her get over her apprehension about their relationship and years of mistrust and cheating?

Did the ring and his promise that he was done messing with other women convince her that they’d beat the odds and live happily ever after? And does Scrappy really believe his history of cheating with other women is over simply because he proposed?

Despite numerous examples to the contrary, some troubled couples still run head first into marriage hoping it will help them resolve their issues. It won’t. Whatever occurred before a couple jumps the broom will likely occur after it unless both parties are committed to doing the hard work of fixing their issues.

I hope Erica and Scrappy can overcome the odds and have a successful marriage, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

What do you think? Why do some couples view marriage as a cure-all? 

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