In the past two years I have been to more weddings, baby showers, and engagement parties than I can shake a stick at. This summer alone my boyfriend and I have been invited to at least six weddings which is not surprising since most of the people in our age range (25-35) are settling down and getting married or having children.  After outlining some tips on how to survive the wedding season here on Clutch a while ago, I thought it was only appropriate to share what it’s like to be one of the few single ladies still catching the bouquet at the reception.

Unlike what most people see in movies or on TV shows like “Bridezillas,” all of the weddings and celebrations that I’ve been to are full of love, and they are usually lots of fun and drama-free. Reconnecting with friends and acquaintances that I haven’t seen in a while really makes these events special. Fortunately my circle is filled with great folks, so I don’t have any horror stories to dish.

The only thing I notice now is that now going to these events can be, well, overwhelming. When I got my first gilded invitation for a grad school friend’s nuptials, it was surreal, because it didn’t seem like we were old enough to be jumping the broom and making major life decisions. Getting gussied up to go to the church house was exciting because it felt like a scene out of the Best Man. Now, I realize how much time, effort and money goes into getting snatched for these events. I joked to my boyfriend that I was buying one dress as a uniform for wedding season this year. That was the best decision (and joke) I could have ever made: I save a lot of money by recycling dresses, and nobody even noticed. In the end the purpose of the party is not to get your shine on, but rather to share in the love of your friends.

One of the hardest parts of being single when everyone is rapidly accelerating into new and exciting phases of life is that you feel a little left out. It’s the same way I felt in 8th grade when all the other girls were getting their periods and carrying pads and purses around the playground – I wanted the knowledge and power of what it’s like to be a ‘grown’ woman, but I was also kind of glad I don’t have to deal with the pain and responsibilities that go along with it. In the same way, I am learning a lot about making relationships (and weddings) work from the people who have taken the plunge before me. For now I’m happy celebrating on the sidelines.

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