Ode To The Pixie Cut


There is nothing like a short, sassy cut to freshen up any drab look. Short styles make such a statement that it’s no wonder we’ve seen some of our favorites celebrities take the big chop.

However, a funky cut is not for the meek. It provides a spectacular look to the wearer and bodes a certain amount of confidence, especially living in a society where down-to-there tresses are coveted.

No matter the reasoning behind the transition, own your new style with a crazy amount of coolness and be proud!

If you’re thinking of taking a hair risk and swapping out your long locks for a cropped do, don’t be afraid to be bold.

Nia Long nailed it. Halle Berry made it her signature look. And even Rihanna is now turning heads from her spicy pixie cut.

It gives your scalp a chance to breathe. It puts the spotlight on your beautiful face. And most importantly, it says I’m so fly I’m beautiful with or without hair down my back.

Would you dare rock a pixie cut, Clutchettes?

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  • Starla

    I love pixies. I usual thought they looked better on people with fine features, but Rihanna is rocking the hell outta hers. Audrey Hepburn had an amazing pixie.

  • apple

    if i had clearer skin,better features and nicer hair i would totally do the pixie cut for a little while..

    • Cee Cee

      If I had smaller features- not so round face, wide nose, thick lips I would have tried it but last thing I need is my huge face front and center. I look way better with some hair to soften my features. I learned that when I did my “big chop.” Also while I love the way pixie cut look when they are fresh if not so fresh and mixed with kinky hair it is a mess. Not PC but my own truth.

  • Mademoiselle

    Never rocked a pixie when I had a perm, but recently went back to a TWA and it made me wonder why I’d even been chasing length for so long.

    I loved my short hair the first, second & third time I chopped it off, but have no clue why it took me over 2 years to cut it off again.

    Between the ease of maintenance and how it makes all of my favorite features stand out without the distraction of hair (that usually commands its own attention), I’m so in love with myself–vain, I know. Might keep my hair short for a while this time around (especially if the compliments keep rolling in like they have).

  • Mademoiselle

    P.S. I fully endorse pixie wigs, which I do own a couple of. Short hair is just gorgeous IMO!