My first thought is to wonder who they are talking too when I hear “Oh you’re skinny now?” lauded in my general direction since they are making eye contact with me. As I register that this confused coworker/family member/classmate/friend is talking to me, my second response is bewilderment.

I’m not in denial. I have certainly lost weight and some inches. It’s the result of eating more veggies and less college menu take out. It is also putting forth some serious effort to work out a couple times per week. Not to underscore my progress, but it’s only the difference in one dress size. What a difference one size seems to make! Already, I feel better and of course, my clothes fit differently. It is a reminder that life is truly in the details. It doesn’t take a lot to make a substantive change. Every step forward is a giant leap of momentum in the right direction. But skinny? Like the girls used to say on the playground at recess,

“Who me?

“Yes, you!”

“Couldn’t be!”

“Then who?”

The reality is that it’s simply not true. I am not skinny. And being skinny is not even a part of my vision for a healthy life. Like many of us, I need to lose weight so that as I age, I can maintain my health. I am healthy today but I want to be healthy for everyday that follows this one. Of course, I want my clothes to fit better, but I need to lose weight so that my bones do not decrease significantly in their function any time soon. I can buy another outfit to make anything fit, but I only get this one body. I have to carry my body around with me everywhere that I go. My goals include getting stronger, having more discipline to make healthier decisions every day, and live governed by the way I feel, not by my weight. Not one of my goals even remotely begins with the action item “get skinny.” I love my curves and want to enhance them, not hide them. I am all for healthy living, but it must be holistic if it is to matter at all.

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