It looks like little Blue Ivy Carter, heir to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s platinum covered throne, has her first pair of really fancy shoes.

The tot, just 8-months old, recently became the owner of a pair of $800 handmade sneakers that were dutifully decorated with purple laces and amethyst Swarovski crystals.

Accessories designer Ruthie Davis (one of Beyonce’s favorite) custom-made the kicks for baby Blue and posted an image of the sparkly shoes to her Facebook page, writing:

“Take a look at the Baby Ruthie’s I made especially for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy…SO Sweet, right?

While many fawned over the sneakers, wondering if they’ll be available in grown folks sizes, others (predictably) freaked out about the price tag.

The prevailing criticism?  Spending $800 on a pair of shoes for a baby who can’t even walk seems wasteful and egregious.

Many point to the fancy kicks as just another example of how Blue Ivy will be spoiled beyond comprehension before she even hits her teenage years.

But so what?

Many parents shell out money for things their children don’t need, dressing them in low-end designer duds and shoes as soon as they exit the womb. And though it seems reasonable enough to spend $50 on a baby’s outfit or a too-cute pair of Robeez, when you’re worth $800 million combined, what’s a mere $800?

When people freak out about the price of Blue Ivy’s shoes, more often than not, they are thinking about it in terms of what they can afford. If you bring home $800 a week, then yes, a pair of custom-made sneakers worth a quarter of your monthly income can seem excessive and down right irresponsible. But when you’re consistently clocking millions, $800 feels like $8.

By lavishing fancy gifts on their daughter will Bey and Jay teach their little one that cash is king and things are important? Perhaps. But that’s nobody’s problem but their own.

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