In his new memoir, Purpose, Wyclef Jean talks openly about his love for Lauryn Hill. Although their affair has been public knowledge for some time, this is the first time (to my knowledge) he has spoken out about it. While I’m giving Wyclef a serious side-eye for spilling the beans (why now?), his revelation that he loved both L-Boogie and his wife Claudette simultaneously brought up an interesting question: can you really love two people at the same time?

At first glance, it’s easy to see how Wyclef and Lauryn fell in love. They worked closely together for years building a common dream, they had a lot in common, and she was (and still is) stunning.

Wyclef writes:

With Lauryn, just being in the studio so much together, working on our music as a team gave us an attraction toward each other. Being part of something bigger than you can do that, and sometimes there’s nothing more to the relationship. It’s like a romance on a film set that ends at the wrap party. But that wasn’t what we had. It was more than that. Spending all our time together brought us together. It started in the studio, working on those routines and our rhymes. I mean there was one time when I was around Lauryn twenty out of the twenty-four hours in a day. 

He continues: It was love; it was lust. It was more intense than some teenage romance, because we knew ourselves. It was the type of pure love that burns bright but burns out fast.

Wyclef describes his wife Claudette as “Wonder Woman,” and touts her willingness to stick by his side no matter what, a trait that she clearly still holds today.

While I think Wyclef’s attachment for each woman has more to do with his own ego and inability to commit fully to either one, I often wonder if it’s possible to be completely in love with two people at once.

Typically, those who step out on the their partners sometimes use the “I love them both” defense to justify their inability to stay faithful, but do they he have a point?

What do you think? Is loving two people at once possible? Is it selfish? Speak on it! 

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