I remember sitting in a circle in a dark room during my freshman year of college. People were passing around a spit soaked blunt and I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed with nausea as it reached me. Was I really supposed to smoke something that about 10 other lips touched and that was licked before someone managed to manipulate it into a tight roll? Gross. I wanted no parts of it. Once it reached me, it was smoked down to nothing. When I touched it, I felt wetness and decided that I was good, and passed it to the next person. My germaphobe issues did not allow me to smoke for the first time my freshman year, but I did manage to catch contact after being engulfed in smoke.

I would be lying if I said I’ve never tried smoking after that. I can count on one hand the number of times I have. Honestly, I didn’t see what the big deal was. Why did I need anything to give me the “munchies” or make me sleepy afterwards? But there are people who love it, and I don’t look down on them for it either.

A few years ago, my somewhat unorthodox Rheumatologist told me that I could possibly benefit from smoking. He said that it could loosen the stiffness I was experiencing in my joints and help me sleep better. I already knew about the sleeping part. I will say, that he was correct. It did help with the pain and stiffness I was experiencing, but afterwards, I couldn’t function to do anything else but sleep. But I couldn’t see myself using it long-term. Especially since there are no medicinal laws in Maryland.

Many advocates of legalizing marijuana compare it to the prohibition era and have referred to the failure of keeping it illegal as “pot prohibition”. This November, Colorado, Washington and Oregon all have ballot measures that, if passed, Amendment 64 would end marijuana prohibition in their state and make it legal for adults over the age of 21 to purchase it. In a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen,showed that 61 percent Colorado voters are in favor of legalizing marijuana if it is regulated the way that alcohol and cigarettes are currently regulated.

If Amendment 64 is passed it could boost the state’s economy. It could possibly $60 million in revenue for Colorado. Recently the NAACP also backed the legalization of marijuana, but not because of it’s revenue producing aspects, but because of current marijuana laws lead to a disproportionately higher number of people of color being affected.

Who knows if marijuana will ever be legalized in these states or others, I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on the results come November. If Amendment 64 is passed, there will be a lot of happy, high people in those states.

Do you think marijuana should be legalized?

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  • Kenzy

    its already legal where i live (california) seriously im not exaggerating for those who dont live oout here when i say you can walk into an office and say i stubbed my big toe or i have a headache and you can get a “medical” marijuana card and smoke all you want. i dont really have too much of an issue it with it if the only effect is on the user (ill be honest i dont know much about the effects except it eases pain in cancer patients, causes the munchies and makes the user sleepy) my problem with it out here is that weed stores are literally on every single damn corner out here once they made it legal, they are trying to rain it in but its a little too late to get them all shut down. ill be honest, they attract a certain loitering element and no one wants to come home after a long days work and see that

  • I have been around ganja for as long as I can remember and I never really understood why there was ever a prohibition on its use and possession. Well not until I saw a documentary that explained that many of those prohibitions were not based on any science or health concerns but by unmitigated racism and the need to exploit. Many of the marijuana laws came about as a way to criminalize black and brown people but also to stop them from using a drug that was not controlled by the rich, i.e. alcohol. Thus the negative adjectives applied to the users, such as dopey, losers, lazy etc. Why have people use a drug they can grow in their back yard, where is the profit in that?

    Ganja has different effects on people; most people get high, mellow and get the munchies. Some of us are not that lucky, I am one of those who get sleepy and since I do not need a sleep aid I am generally not a smoker. But the tea is great for asthmatics and folks with pain issues. One of the downsides of weed being illegal is that the quality and potency of the product varies wildly. That will account for the skunky smell that is often offensive and some of the other deleterious effects that are experienced by communal sharing. Plus the dangers of having your spliff laced with formaldehyde or some other drug.

    I am all for de-criminalization because it will legalize a behavior that should never have been a crime in the first place. It has fostered criminality and violence built on the use of a plant that is as natural as sunlight. The prohibitions are illogical and many of the dangers are manufactured. As more and more people have discovered how irrational many of the prohibitions were they have chosen to flout the laws rather than conform. I am disturbed that one of the drivers for legalization is how much tax dollars can be raised which in my minds mean that there may well be further prohibitions on the supply.

  • It should definitely be legalized, but it will never happen because, the prison industry depends on drug convictions to make a profit.

  • RobertMwangi (KenyanBoy)

    Legalize it! but not the version grown around Mt. Kenya coz man, that stuff makes guys do dumb stuff but hey, it’s the second safest stimulant around here.

  • Me

    Anything in excess is bad for you. Smoke too much weed and it’ll rob you of your ambition. Drink too much liquor and well you’re an alcoholic or dead. Weed just doesn;t kill ppl lol what @rastaman said was EVERYTHING. Ppl just love to stick their noses up to others and will find any and every reason. What’s killing me is how ppl will let a country suffer in a recession rather then let their biases go!