Up until a few months ago, I never knew the meaning behind the acronym Y.O.L.O. I remember seeing people tweet about referencing a Drake song. I saw people post their Y.O.L.O tattoos and also various other memes. Eventually I turned to Google to see what everyone was talking about.


You only live once.

Let’s look at few examples of Y.O.L.O.



So, peeing over a balcony is something you do because you only live once? Or is it something to do because you’re an asshole?

So is the point of Y.O.L.O to die while you’re only living once? Or is it that you have a death wish?

I blame Drake. He needs to be held accountable for the abuse of this acronym.  If it wasn’t for his song, “The Motto”, we wouldn’t have to suffer through another over used and unnecessary saying.  Y.O.L.O  has  officially  become the “carpe diem” of stupid people.  I’m sure the people of Yolo, California really hate the acronym.


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