Up until a few months ago, I never knew the meaning behind the acronym Y.O.L.O. I remember seeing people tweet about referencing a Drake song. I saw people post their Y.O.L.O tattoos and also various other memes. Eventually I turned to Google to see what everyone was talking about.


You only live once.

Let’s look at few examples of Y.O.L.O.



So, peeing over a balcony is something you do because you only live once? Or is it something to do because you’re an asshole?

So is the point of Y.O.L.O to die while you’re only living once? Or is it that you have a death wish?

I blame Drake. He needs to be held accountable for the abuse of this acronym.  If it wasn’t for his song, “The Motto”, we wouldn’t have to suffer through another over used and unnecessary saying.  Y.O.L.O  has  officially  become the “carpe diem” of stupid people.  I’m sure the people of Yolo, California really hate the acronym.


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  • i can’t stand the phrase ” to each his own” omg i SWEAR that is the most overused phrase on black blogs EVER! especially when a blog post is ASKING YOUR OPINION and every single commenter writes “to each his own”. they didn’t ask that, they asked YOUR opinion.. so either type your opinion or don’t type at all

    i also think people go crazy with calling people “judgmental” or say that they are ” on a high horse” , talk about throwing stones, or say “judge not lest ye be judged”. it typically goes like this
    girl #1 :”i’m going to have sex with those 5 men over there with no condom”
    girl#2 “that’s not very smart to do. you can catch diseases like that or get pregnant”
    girl#1″ wow you need to get off your high horse and stop judging other people”
    girl#2 o_0

    • Sanura Hart

      I agree with everything you said here. “to each his own” drives me nuts and yes you’re right, it’s ALWAYS on black blogs and facebook pages -__-

  • Brook

    To add to the many listed above:

    Yeezy, Weezy, Deezy, Squizy <~ go to GO!
    Gives me life (whatever that means)
    Fixin/Finna (unless your from the south)
    Barbz/monsters/Queen B's Bees
    I can't (can't what? Never understood)
    That's my b*tch
    LV, Gucci, Prada, Dior
    Nippy (nobody called Ms Houston that before. Why start now?)

    • ImJustSaying

      What in the Hell is a “Stan”? I keep hearing/reading it and I have no clue from whence it came. I have gathered it’s a fan of some sort but why are they called “stans” all of the sudden.

      I also hate the use of “This”
      as in
      Commenter 1 “I’ma do me you do you”
      Commenter/tweeter 2 < THIS!

      I don't get it.

    • Patience

      Yes, I agree. I, too hate the use of “This”.

      Another word that has been turned into slang, but does not relate to its original meaning is “co-sign”.

    • Val


      The “stan” thing comes from an old Eminem song. The song is titled “Stan” It’s about a crazy over-zealous fan. So now people refer to crazy fans as being “stans”. An example would be Beyonce fans, many of them are “stans”.

    • stan is a combination word for stalker and fan

    • ImJustSaying

      It wouldn’t let me reply to you so I had to reply to myself to say thanks.
      @Patience I will admit I am guilty of co-signing many a comment or tweet.
      @ Val The moment I read yours I went “Oooh Yeah! I forgot about that song.”
      @Candyredxxx Also makes so much more sense.

  • Papi Morenito

    I find it funny when descendants of African slaves say:
    -“People of color” when they actually mean “Black”, and somehow don’t like it when some people say “Colored people”
    -Referring to Barack Obama as the first Black President, when the man’s both Kenyan(African/Black) and white American

    • Huh?