Yesterday the black interwebs errupted at the sight of the purple on, Price, with a low cut afro. It seems like the legendary musician has traded in his signature straightened look for something a little more ethnic.

In an appearance on The View, Prince debuted his new look, talked about his upcoming concerts in Chicago to benefit Van Jones’ organization ‘Rebuild the Dream’, and talked about his upcoming album, which channels a ’70s vibe. Despite speaking to the ladies on various topics, it was Prince’s hair that got the most buzz.

Questlove of the Roots tweeted, “Whoa!!! is Prince rockin’ a baby fro on The View??!!” capturing what many were thinking.

While the natural hair movement has been spreading for black women, we rarely think of men “going natural” as well.

Between closely cropped haircuts, dreads, braids, and ‘fros, men have seemed to sidestep the hair debates all together. But with Prince’s latest look, we are reminded that how some men choose to wear their hair can be just as noteworthy as women.

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  • Quietly

    He had an Afro before many of us were even born! Lol not news. Knowing Prince he’ll change it soon anyway. Love him

  • desi

    Don’t get it twisted! Prince is a master at promotion. His new protege is Cameroonian beauty Andy Allo, who has sported a natural for several years. He produced her new album slated to come out at the end of the month!

  • Jess

    Prince has worn his ‘fro from his earliest days. Up until the 80’s when the Morris Day look came into style. Prince bbe rockin’ fro’s for years. But it looks like he he has done a little something to his skin. Anyway, check out his many fro’s here:




  • hughes09

    Ugh B Walters….fall back girl…you making him uncomfortable. I’d look this if his clothes fit the hair, he’d be he regular hot self! Ooowwwtt get it Prince…I would die for youuu……

  • Jack Alanzo

    He looks like a fruit.

    • Erika

      I am rotfl… a fruit?!?