It’s time to trade in the light, fruity scents of Spring with the sensual, alluring fragrances of Fall. Once you’ve found a product that’s pleasing to your senses, you have to know how to wear it to get the most out of the intoxicating juice.

Check out these basic rules that will help improve your perfume-wearing experience:

Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

One of the biggest mistakes women make when spraying a scent is rubbing their wrists together. The friction causes the scent to settle in a different way than the maker intended. Instead, just spray and let it dry.

Perfume and Hair Don’t Mix

I have friends who are quick to spritz their hair with a hint of their favorite scent! While this is not completely detrimental to your hair, it could still have adverse affects. There are several potentially harmful chemicals used to create scents such as dye, alcohol and blends of different fragrances. In addition, the shampoo, conditioner and even the natural oils that your scalp produces could alter the aesthetic of the fragrance.

Focus on Hitting Pulse Points

More ideal pulse points to target with your favorite perfume is the base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, between your breasts, the backside of the elbows and along the collarbones. If you’re rocking a fab skirt, dress or pair of shorts during a night on the town, aim for the back of your knees.

Just Because It’s Right For Your Friend Doesn’t Mean It’s Right For You

Have you ever felt like your favorite perfume suddenly stopped smelling the same on your skin? Well, chances are, you’re not hallucinating. Your hormones can affect the way a fragrance reacts, especially if you’re stressed, menstruating or pregnant. The way a skin reacts with your skin can be a gift and a curse. It’s a gift because as human beings we all have our very own unique body chemistry and ph balance, so even if we all buy the same scent, it will smell different on each of our skin giving us our own signature smell with every application.

Don’t Forget Perfume Has a Shelf Life

Perfume has a shelf life of about three years. To me this is just an industry rule of thumb because I have some bottles on my vanity that I’ve held onto for a little longer than that. They don’t smell different to me, but maybe they have changed over time. Also, avoid storing them near direct sunlight or areas with high temperature.

What are your ‘best practices’ when wearing your favorite scent?

-Margaret Francois

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  • Win

    I heard that you shouldn’t scientifically put perfume behind your earlobes.

  • Bronze

    Thank u for posting this photo. Tom Ford made a very bold move when he cast Erka in his new perfume line that is only sold @ Neiman Marcus and Saks.. (and other FINE retailers)

    Perfume Practice. Believe someone when they tell you. “Your perfume is strong.”

  • Good articles on fragrance and natural hair! As a mature sister that believes in smelling good and wearing my hair natural and straighten with a “hot comb”, I’m really disappointed in the number of women that I’ve personally encountered with brittle bushes on their heads and funk suffocating anyone or anything that comes within 1″ of them! Natural beauty is real and unforfortunately most women don’t really know how to embrace this issue. My advice; if it hurts your hands to rub thru your hair, and folks speak to through a mega phone…I say pull out books on Nefertiti..