Every couple of years a new trend in nail art and fashion seems to come around. Usually these trends are started by a celebrity and usually make their way to your nail local salon or spa.  I remember getting my first acrylic set in high school for graduation. I vaguely remember the process because I’m pretty sure as I was sitting in the salon, I was getting high off the fumes.  Over the years, I’ve had fake nails done for special occasions, but would always regret the damage it did to my natural nail. I’ve vowed never to try them again.

Over the past two years, Stiletto nails have been the recent rage among nail fashionistas and celebrities. They’ve been seen on Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce. Long, pointy and dangerous. This particular nail style isn’t for the budget conscious woman either. Typically a full set will run you around $120, compared to a regular full set which averages between $30-50.  Jamie Ahn, owner of Acqua Beauty Bar and Townhouse Spa in Manhattan told the NY Daily News that women tend to like this style of nails because it adds length to the finger and nails.

I never thought these nails were for daily wear, but recently in the D.C. area I’ve seen more and more women wearing this style, with over exaggerated lengths. The talons on these women seem quite scary and dangerous. What exactly can you accomplish during a day with nails upwards to 3 inches long and  pointy?

The high price of fashion can also lead to danger. According to Ahn, these nails can also be dangerous, “A downside? Injury. People have to be careful. You can really poke yourself in the eye. I’ve seen it a lot more times than you would think.”

A cautionary word of advice, before you head to your local nail salon and decide to grab a set of Stilettos, remember sometimes beauty comes with a price. In this case, a damaged eye.


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