Summer is officially over, making way for Fall fashion. Fall is an optimal time to revamp your wardrobe, layering fresh pieces over old treasures and experimenting with new looks. It’s also a worthwhile time to do away some of summer’s trendier pieces that don’t have a lasting shelf life past one season.

Here are some trends that stood out over the summer, that could work for Fall looks…that is if you’re not over them already:

1. Peplum


The flattering silhouette will continue its reign, showing up on jackets, long-sleeve dresses and even coats.

2. Brights

Brights were everywhere this summer, and a pop of color will still inject energy into your Fall wardrobe. Bright pants and bags are especially popular, balanced by toned-down neutrals.

3. Camouflage

The edgy army print is being styled with feminine prints and dresses for a girly, gritty look this Fall.

4. Leather

Leather pants were a hit this Summer and they will be making an appearance in cooler weather as well, along with jackets, dresses and of course, knee-length boots.

5. Bodycon

For many women this summer, the motto was: the tighter the dress, the better. Bodycon dresses were everywhere last season and longer sleeves, with the same curve-clinging fit, will still be popular for Fall.

What’s your verdict, Clutchettes and Gents: which trends should we take into Fall and which should we toss?

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