I’m not sure who started the “Beardgang” movement, but the man pictured above, Adam Goldston, seems to be one of the first people making a profit off of it. Last year he filed a Trademark for the nameBeardgang and his website currently sells beard praising apparel. A simple search of the hash-tag #beardgang on Twitter or Instagram will pull up tons of photos of men with their beards proudly on display.

White, Black, Asian and Latino beards have definitely made a comeback over the past couple of years. At one time, the only place I noticed a plethora of beard wearing men was in the Philadelphia area.  As a matter of fact, of my favorite bearded men is Black Thought from The Roots.

Personally, I prefer close shaven well maintained beards.  I’m definitely not into the Rick Ross thickness of a beard.  I have an ex who alternates between his clean shaven look and that 5 o’clock shadow definitely did something to me.

Last week at my local happy hour spot in DC, in walked 6 beards of varying degrees. I was tempted to ask if I could touch one of them, but I immediately remembered that I hate it when people ask to touch my hair.  But who knows, maybe men are different when it comes to people, by people I mean women, asking to stroke their beards.

Clutchettes, what’s your preference? Bearded or clean shaven?

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