I’m picky and I’m stuck in my ways, I can admit that. There are certain things that I do systematically each night, and typically I’ll never forget to do these things (well unless large amounts of alcohol are involved). A few of these things have been ingrained in me since I was a kid.

What you’re about to read may shock and amaze you.

Every night before I go to bed, I make sure I brush my teeth and take a shower!!

Unbelievable isn’t it?

Yeah, I don’t find it to unbelievable either. If I’m not mistaken, I always thought people were supposed to do that. But a few times recently I’ve been proven wrong. I remember speaking to someone last week, and I asked them if they showered before they went to sleep at night. They said no. I was a little put aback. I’m just saying, after a long day out at work, in the environment, around germs, why would you not take a shower? Why would you get into a bed with a days worth of funk on you?

By all means, if I’m being too picky, let me know. But when I ask a man that question, and he tells me that he doesn’t take a shower before he goes to bed, all I can think to myself is, “You’re not getting your funky ass in my bed!” It’s a huge turn off and once I’m turned off, there’s no turning me back on.

So I’ve covered the fact that I feel people should shower before going to sleep. I’m not sure about all of you, but I was taught that you’re supposed to brush your teeth before you go to bed as well. I have an ex who NEVER brushed his teeth before he went to sleep. I questioned him several times why wouldn’t he brush his teeth, and he gave me an answer that I would expect from a 3rd grader, “Well, when I wake up my mouth will have germs in it anyways…”.


This was a 34 yr old man telling me this mess! So he thought after eating food, breathing in pollutants, he didn’t need to brush his teeth at night? Eventually he learned that not brushing his teeth at night meant not kissing me either. He thought I was joking. So sorry for him, but I wasn’t. Every time he tried to go in for a kiss, I turned my head. Sorry, but I don’t want to swap spit with someone who hadn’t brushed his teeth. I wished he’d put as much effort into making sure his teeth were cleaned as he did his Range Rover. Eventually he realized that I meant business when it came to his lack of oral hygiene. I would hope that even though we’re not together, that it carried over into his other relationships because no one wants to kiss a yuck mouth.

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