Last week, The X-Factor’s new season debuted with abnormally low ratings compared to its previous seasons.  Simon Cowell even felt a little disgruntled when NBC decided to add an additional episode of The Voice to compete with The X-Factor’s time slot.  Talent show drama ensues. The X-Factor lost the ratings race for the week.

No matter what channel you turn to nowadays, there seems to be some sort of talent show airing. Since the premiere of American Idol, the talent show phenomenon has been endless. From dancing to singing, scores of contestants come out looking for their big break.  The talent that some of the contestants have is truly subjective. Although there have been ‘stars’ made from these shows, there are even more that have been ridiculed and embarrassed because of the delusion that they can sing or even dance.

Just this week on The X-Factor, a montage was made around a stalkerish Britney Spears fan. He declared his ‘love’ for Spears, and while talking to other contestants you could see them give him the “boy are you crazy?” look.  When he stepped on stage with a vase full of roses for Spears, you could immediately see the horror in her face. I’m not sure who has more interesting faces so far, Spears or Stevie J.  Then he commenced to butchering her song, Circus. Needless to say, the judges dismissed him, but not before he begged to give the vase to Spears.

I truly don’t think these shows garner high ratings because people want to see new talent. Some people have a voyeuristic nature, and like to see contestants crash and burn because of their lack of talent.  Some of these talentless people have made a name for themselves and garnered their 15 minutes of fame. Remember William Hung and his rendition of “She Bangs”? He ended up everywhere for a minute and for someone who technically wasn’t talented, he made the most out of his lack of singing abilities. With millions of viewers tuning in every night to shows like American Idol and The X-Factor, the talent show fever doesn’t seem like it’s going to die off any time soon.  Thankfully there’s always the option of changing the channel.

Do you think there’s too many talent shows on television? Which ones do you watch?

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