Last week, The X-Factor’s new season debuted with abnormally low ratings compared to its previous seasons.  Simon Cowell even felt a little disgruntled when NBC decided to add an additional episode of The Voice to compete with The X-Factor’s time slot.  Talent show drama ensues. The X-Factor lost the ratings race for the week.

No matter what channel you turn to nowadays, there seems to be some sort of talent show airing. Since the premiere of American Idol, the talent show phenomenon has been endless. From dancing to singing, scores of contestants come out looking for their big break.  The talent that some of the contestants have is truly subjective. Although there have been ‘stars’ made from these shows, there are even more that have been ridiculed and embarrassed because of the delusion that they can sing or even dance.

Just this week on The X-Factor, a montage was made around a stalkerish Britney Spears fan. He declared his ‘love’ for Spears, and while talking to other contestants you could see them give him the “boy are you crazy?” look.  When he stepped on stage with a vase full of roses for Spears, you could immediately see the horror in her face. I’m not sure who has more interesting faces so far, Spears or Stevie J.  Then he commenced to butchering her song, Circus. Needless to say, the judges dismissed him, but not before he begged to give the vase to Spears.

I truly don’t think these shows garner high ratings because people want to see new talent. Some people have a voyeuristic nature, and like to see contestants crash and burn because of their lack of talent.  Some of these talentless people have made a name for themselves and garnered their 15 minutes of fame. Remember William Hung and his rendition of “She Bangs”? He ended up everywhere for a minute and for someone who technically wasn’t talented, he made the most out of his lack of singing abilities. With millions of viewers tuning in every night to shows like American Idol and The X-Factor, the talent show fever doesn’t seem like it’s going to die off any time soon.  Thankfully there’s always the option of changing the channel.

Do you think there’s too many talent shows on television? Which ones do you watch?

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  • 2NatuRho

    I agree, its very redundant to see the same formula mixed up and used over and over again. But I do think “The Voice” is a head of the pack, because IT IS about talent, no gimmicks. You don’t have to send throught week after week of horrible talentless people who trying to get their 15 minutes of fame…plus the celebrities on “The Voice” aren’t judges; they’re coaches. Death to all the other shows.

  • Laugh

    This is precisely why I love The Voice over the other shows that I refuse to watch. The Voice has people who can really sing they don’t make fun of people with obvious mental problems. A bad singer on The Voice most times is someone who just got really nervous. Those other shows are such a disgrace. I saw online how Idol capitalized off a girl who fell off stage. And saw pictures online recently of what looked like a black man in a wedding dress and stilettos on Xfactor. It’s just not right! And at least the coaches on The Voice all have REAL talent. It’s a show I can respect and respect myself after watching.

  • OSHH

    I hate these shows and don’t watch any of them. whatever happened to folk honing their craft and being discovered on the grind organically ? Instead of participating in some forced televised so called talent competition.

    • Laugh

      Can you blame them? Some of the hottest celebs are from reality shows nowadays.

    • what pisses me off about these “talent shows” is the TRUE auditioning process that we don’t see. you do know that on american idol, people have to go through like 3 or 4 auditions for producers before they even get to see randy,simon,paula (i dont know who the hell the new judges are anymore so ill stick with the original 3).

      so that means….. the people who can’t sing worth a cot damn get to pass through all those rounds also. they turn down people who really can sing for not being “marketable” enough for the televised auditions so it’s BS how they let the people who can’t sing go through to the next rounds but they deny people who can SANG but they don’t have a gimmick (a la “bikini girl”, people dressed in weird costumes,a sob story.. yet they can’t sing).

      i know a few people who have auditioned for american idol and they were so disappointed in the process. one got told that she was too fat, and the other didn’t make it despite being damn near better than adele but not “marketable”

    • that’s not the way i would want to be seen. most of those “celebs” are known for doing morally horrible things (sleeping with other people’s husbands and proudly telling everybody,fighting and acting childish,getting piss drunk and acting like an animal while sleeping with random people they meet at the club). i don’t get how these people have absolutely NO shame. parents,grandparents,children,bosses (potential bosses) all watching this along with the rest of braindead america and they don’t bat an eyelash.

      am i the only one who wonders why they’re not embarrassed by acting like this in front of the world? do they not have parents or something?

  • Mina

    I agree, I prefer the Voice over AI and X-Factor. AI and X-Factor are essentially the same show just with different tittles but I get annoyed with the lack of talent or people just showing up on the show just to get their 15 minutes of fame or whatever. AGT is pretty boring. I only watched last year and the year before that because Nick Cannon was the host. The little girl that could sing Opera should have been the winner but they chose some old guy! That girl had way more talent than him! Ever since then, I was just turned off because they let a lot of great acts go.

    But I like the Voice over everything else because I like Adam, Ceelo, and Christina and I like that they’re actually training and coaching them and preparing them to become the next big stars. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard or seen any records from the previous winners and I wish they would get their big break already. I also kinda liked the show Duets but I wasn’t sure how the show worked b/c I don’t think anyone was eliminated and it was kinda weird. But it was awesome seeing John Legend and Robin Thicke singing on stage every week lol.