Understand the power of being a woman. It exceeds anything that you have ever been told. It goes far beyond what is in between your legs. It’s the essence that we carry within us and it illuminates through us once we embrace it, love it and nurture it. No one can take from you what God has given to you. No one can degrade or minimize it. Empress walk in your royalty and stand tall. Only those who recognize the power, strength and true beauty of a woman are worth your time.

She speaks to me, through me and in me.
She is regal in every way and her knowledge quenches the drought in my mind.

She reminds me of who I am and that I came from the divine.
I am royalty in my own right, yet humble and full of delight.

Shining through the darkness her light allows me to see my path.
She holds my hand and helps me up after I fall.
She allows me to fall because she knows that when I get back up I will be stronger and wiser than ever before.

I’ve learned from my elders and ancestors because through history they have poured into me
And I will never forget what they have done for me.

Rise up woman and take your place in society.
It is time to stand tall, your purpose continues to call.
Will you answer?

When conflicted with whether to pick up or press ignore remember what she did for you.
Remember the sacrifices of those before you.
Remember who created you.

Let her inspiration be your motivation to move closer to the light inside of you.
Let her inspiration remind you of YOU.
When times get tough, allow inspiration to see you through.

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