We’ve all seen that woman. She walks in the club and jaws drop. She struts down the street like it’s a catwalk. She turns the heads of men and women. They’re not just staring at her bangin’ body—it’s her face. She’s gorgeous. Not just pretty or cute, but Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. The type of woman you could stare at forever.

But is she approachable?

Some women argue they’re not. Their “problem” is that they’re too beautiful. Too stunning. The men are too intimidated or afraid of being shot down. Or they’re fearful that a woman that hot has to have an ice-cold attitude.

If you think that’s the reason he’s not approaching you, there’s a good chance you’re wrong.

One of the greatest indicators that men aren’t afraid to approach gorgeous women is seen everyday. We’ve all noticed the couples who don’t seem equally yoked on the attractive meter. You see them walking down the street and just scratch your head. Or maybe it’s your BFF who you think is a certified stunner— and is dating a man who’s, well, uh, not too handsome. Since some women still have hang-ups about approaching men, I’m assuming that, in the majority of these cases, the men stepped to these women.

Measuring someone’s attractive quotient is completely arbitrary. Even the most beautiful girl in the world is someone’s “average.” Maybe you think you’re an absolute 10 and others tend to agree, but there’s someone who inevitably thinks you’re nice to look at, but not damn-she’s-fine material. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure there’s a man out there (somewhere?) who thinks Halle Berry is just OK. One man’s 10 is another’s 6 or 7.

“But men are afraid I’ll reject them.”

Rejection is never easy to handle it, but men have been dealing with it since adolescence. They face it on a daily basis, but that’s never stopped them from trying to holler. Is the rejection pill harder to swallow if it comes at the hands of a gorgeous woman? I’m going with no. I would think a man would be more offended or ego-crushed if a less than attractive woman spurned his advances. Some men even specifically aim for nothing but dimes. They know these women are out of their league, but keep swinging away with the hope that one will bite.

And if a man tells you he was afraid to talk to you because you’re so beautiful, that probably falls into the category of #liesmentell. Well, it’s not a complete lie. Just something he probably said to flatter you. Maybe he was initially in awe, but he got over it and got up the nerve to open his mouth. He may have been nervous. Maybe he even second guessed himself. But the “I’m too beautiful” reasoning is just as ridiculous as when a woman says that men don’t approach her because they’re “intimidated by my success.”

A confident, mature man will approach a woman, or at least give a smile of interest. If you’re convinced someone’s not going to approach you (for whatever reason) they’re probably going to live up to your expectations.

Weigh in Clutchettes, do you think men are intimidated by gorgeous women? Would you be afraid to approach a Boris Kodjoe type handsome man?

– Patrice J. Williams

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  • kofybean

    This is so backwards. I am clearly late to the party, but here’s my two cents for all internet-dom to ignore. “Too pretty”, from a guys point of view, has nothing to do with how intimidating she is, and the possibility of rejection. “Too pretty” is how inviting she is and the assured expectation of rejection.

    In other words, if you don’t have a dating profile because you get, literally, thousands of emails a week. You are too pretty because you attract everything. No man stands a chance, because you have more options then you have days to live. A guy doesn’t even stand a chance that you will accidentally read his email.

    If you can actually sustain yourself financially based on the sheer number of men who like you, you are “Too Pretty”. If your IG selfie gets more likes then days you will be alive on this Earth, you are “Too Pretty.” Go head, grab a calculator. I’ll wait. (hint you only live 19k days from 18 till 70). So its a waste of time for a guy with any reasonable IQ to approach, or even do that to himself. So a Too Pretty girl will likely be hit on by the dumber men, who don’t realize he is but a mere grain of sand in her eyes. Not that he is worthless, but that’s just how she will see him.

    Normal girls get hit on all the time, and men approaching them becomes a blur. But it’s still in the realm of possibility a normal girl will say yes to at least one guy. Approaching a Too Pretty girl, there is no possibility. You aren’t even a blur anymore, you just don’t exist, you are like wind blowing against her hair. The possibility of rejection is the assured expectation of rejection because of it.

    There are a lot of Too Pretty girls. It would be right to say they get a lot of jealous. Heck. I’m a guy and even I fantasize what it would be like to get the attention of a normal girl just for a day. I’ve had two beautiful 6’4+ male friends who garner loads of female attention, and they are just in heaven. So, I can’t say I feel sorry for the pretty girls, or even too pretty girls. Like money. Rich people have problems just like poor people, but no rich person wants the problem of a poor person.

  • San Diego Clipper

    There’s a difference, at least to me, between “high maintenance” and “super attractive”. A women with expensive tastes, who wears a ton of makeup, and designer clothes is high maintenance. A women with a nice face, nice breasts, or a nice butt is super attractive to me.

    High maintenance women are never attractive to me because when I see them I’m instantly reminded of all the crap you have to take from them.

  • Michael M

    “They face it on a daily basis, but that’s never stopped them from trying to holler.” Oh, really? I know plenty of men whose confidence have been utterly crushed by constant rejection, myself being one of them.

    “Is the rejection pill harder to swallow if it comes at the hands of a gorgeous woman? I’m going with no.” I’m going with yes. I think every guy wants to hope that a beautiful women could fall for them, so when they reject us, it stings hard.

    I’m a rather lowly guy myself. I know it. I don’t like it, but I know it and I admit it. I could never approach one of these stunningly-beautiful women this article describes, because I know I’d just never have a shot.

  • Jack

    I dont bother with 10/10s because I have nothing they want.
    All the “men are horrible and a bother” to women speeches have finally
    taken their toll on me.

  • Beautyintheeyes

    Lol, I guess it goes both way. Where I used to work previously in a bank, I am purposefully meaner to men who look very attractive because I don’t want them to think I’m flirting with them, but most turn out to be really nice, I guess because they are used to being treated that way.
    Same also with me, I noticed for sure that people are very mean to me most times just because of how I look. But I also understand the psychology behind that since I do the same to good looking men (I don’t do it any longer by the way, I treat everyone nice, they can assume whatever they want).But it exists, mistreating people because they are good looking is as bad as mistreating people who you don’t find attractive. It was hard for my boyfriend to approach me which is funny because I liked him the very moment I saw him, (he said that he thought I would be hard to get or will just reject him… ain’t nobody got time for hard to get, I love you, you love me, we get married and make kids hahahah) but he summoned up courage and did, We’ve been together for a year and I’m NOT letting him go hahahhaa.. He is one of the most handsome men I’ve seen, very caring, considerate and God-fearing. Before I met him, men will stop me on the road, tell me that I’m beautiful and just walk away and I’m standing there thinking ???? was that? very very few men had the courage to ask me out which I declined respectfully and became friends with them… until I met my husband-to-be..