It seems fashion brands are lacking a cultural sensitivity chip. Just weeks after Paul Frank‘s Native American-themed pow wow sparked backlash, Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for their “Sexy Geisha” outfit.

The product is a part of the lingerie retailer’s “Go East” collection and it is marketed as a “ticket to an exotic adventure… Sexy little fantasies, there’s one for every sexy you.” The exoticism is only the tip of the iceberg.

The “Sexy Geisha” outfit, which reads more like an offensive Halloween costume, includes a cut-out teddy, floral peplum, tasseled chopsticks and a fan via The Fashion Bomb.

Like Paul Frank, Victoria’s Secret has “apologized” by way of removing the entire “Go East” collection from their website.

But you have to wonder, given all the channels a product must go through before it reaches the public, how such an offensive outfit wasn’t flagged during the production process?

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Are retailers in need of cultural sensitivity training?

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  • Purple Rain

    I thought it was really cute. There, I said it. *waits for the thumbs down*

  • This is not racist. Geisha’s are a part of Asian culture and this is simple a sexy geisha outfit. There is nothing new about this! People need to stop crying racist for the littlest things. I wish it was still for sale. I’d love to wear it.

  • I find it… Irritating when people try to dictate what is offensive/acceptable and what is racist/not racist.
    If one individual do not find the Vicky’s Secrets “Asian themed butt floss and lingerie” items offensive and racist, fine. But that person shouldn’t tell other people that it is not racist and they’re being sensitive. If they are offended, then they are offended for a reason.
    In regards to the Far East-themed lingerie, I did find it offending when the promo shot was published. I was happy that the collection was trashed. It was quite obvious that someone was offended by the collection.

  • Me

    Would it have been less or more offensive if it were a Japanese model wearing the outfit?

  • T

    I’m not Japanese, is it racist for me to prepare sushi?

    • Pseudonym


      rIGHT?!!! We’re heading in that direction, the way these articles and comments are reading. Somehow, you not being Japanese but being a woman making sushi plays into the stereotype of the submissive Japanese woman, only good for making sushi and sex (notice how- before they are cut- sushi rolls are phallic in nature? and you are rolling them with your hands [read: hand job]? RACIST and SEXIST!!!).

    • @Pseudonym You’re even more dumb than I thought.

    • How is that remotely the same thing?

      Ridiculous. It’s amazing how black people can be just as dumb as white people when it comes to another group of people being victimized.