• Yvette

    Am I the only one seeing the wrong show? Also, when I went to the ABG website I didn’t see a new episode. I’m all kinds of confused right now…

    • I sat through five minutes watching a video of a guy who worked at a clothing store, hoping that it would somehow tie into the show! I think they have the wrong link.

    • All fixed! :)

  • KYH

    Oh yea i seen that you have to skip the first 2 videos then you are there

  • Ash

    For whatever reason, you have to skip to the end of the last video, let the second video load, then skip to the end of the second video, and then ABG will load. Youtube has it by itself.

  • Pearlsrevealed

    “This is what happens when a person majors in African American studies, sweetie.”

    LMBO. Also happens to people who major in Human Nutrition too.

    I spent much time searching for jobs on Craigslist and it was a nightmare. Finally got busy when I registered with a temp agency. Like who actually finds a job on Craigslist?

    • JN

      ive actually found jobs on craigslist. In the healthcare department, no less. and one of my majors was Africana Studies. Not African. Not African-American. My school was special.

      I wonder what J’s getting a job means for all of her co-workers. Does this mean we won’t see them anymore?

    • my friend has found jobs on craigslist but they’re usually for non profit organizations and in order to get paid you have to ask people for donations -_-

      it’s usually stuff like that or call centers or scams that ACTUALLY call you back. SMH

  • JGirl

    I feel like this second season has not delivered when compared to the straight up AWESOMENESS that was the first season. IDK, each epi is drraaagggiiinnnggg and I keep watching to see if it will get better but; I’m losing hope. Wassup Issa?? :-/