This has been the longest summer ever. I’m tired of humid temperatures and the insects. Now that September is finally here, it means Fall is right around the corner. I can’t wait to get rid of the summer dresses and pull out the sweater dresses, boots, scarves and coats. Just the other day I looked in my closet and my boots were screaming at me, “Put me on!”. Yes, I obliged, but only to marvel at them and hope the weather breaks faster.

Last fall I lived in sweater dresses. Every time I found a sweater dress I liked in one color, I made sure to buy additional colors. Right now my favorite places to shop are consignment shops and Goodwill, so far I’ve been lucky enough to come across a few vintage sweater dresses that I can’t wait to get into them.

Shoes and boots are my kryptonite. People who follow me on Instagram, are probably tired of seeing pictures of shoes and boots. I find it hard to drive past a DSW and not drop in to take a look. Since I live across the street from a Nordstrom and Macy’s, I’m always keeping an eye out on sales. Although I shop for shoes a lot at the start of a new season, I make sure they’re always on sale.

Below are a few tips from Glamour Magazine on The Dos and Don’ts of Fall Fashion 2012, although I do agree with a few of them, the peplum style hasn’t caught on to me yet.

1) DO dress up your cozy knits. Play a mix & match game with your knits. Mix a rustic sweater with your favorite pants or skirt, but try to keep the colors similar.

2)Do make a statement with your collars. Statement collars are the newest trend, even better if you can find detachable ones!

3)Do try something new with quilted fabrics, but don’t go overboard & get lost in them.

4)Do update your stash of black tights, and pair them with a bright shoe!

5)Do invest in a navy blue or black peacoat, they’re the classic & timeless coat everyone should have in their closet.

6)DO add wine colors to your fall wardrobe, but make sure to find a color to match your skin tone.

7)Don’t ditch the peplum, add a few shirts, pants and dresses to your wardrobe.

8)Do pull out your pointy pumps for Fall, add them to a pair of cropped pants, but don’t do them with wide leg jeans.

9)Don’t play it safe with your handbag, make a statement with them.

10)Do be comfortable. There’s nothing worst than seeing a bulky sweater, with a bulky scarf under a bulky coat.

Clutchettes, what are you favorite fall fashions?

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