Poking. Incessant re-tweeting. Overly preachy status messages. Hashing out your relationship drama on various social networks. Racist/sexist jokes. These are some of my (many) social media pet peeves.

Despite loving the interaction social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others offer, sometimes it can all get too much and just a bit annoying.

In August, I wrote about social media fatigue. Back then I learned that Americans spend approximately 53 billion hours (yes, billion) on Facebook every, single, month. Moreover, with 800 million Facebook users and 140 million Twitter users, something will inevitably rub us the wrong way.

While it’s difficult to completely opt out of all social media networks, not getting worked up by the myriad of annoying things that come across our timelines sometimes proves difficult.

Last week I stumbled on a funny little spoof about some of the things that grate our nerves on social media. In the song, a take on Chief Keef’s underground hit “I Don’t Like,” sock puppets go to town about all of the things they hate about social media.

Check it out.

What are some of your social media pet peeves?

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  • Kam

    Grown adults who constantly talk about “haters”. It’s called life people. You will not be liked by everyone.

    • Thank you! Words I wish would die for $100 Alex …. Haters. Lol

  • Nikster

    People who post more info than you asked for or ever needed to know. A chick I know posted that she had a miscarriage in her status message! Didn’t know she was pregnant. Appeared right in my newsfeed and between someone elses club photos and a status message about a dog. When a comment was made about it with condolences it was deleted. Then the status message was reposted and the poster indicated how she didn’t want any comments. O_o

    • i see people do that ALL THE TIME! this one guy posted condolences to a friend of his on facebook and hes like “this is my a tribute to my friend. be respectful and don’t comment or like this” wtf??

      some people really get upset about people commenting on certain things.

  • damn! then why did she post it if she didn’t want any comments? rude. smh

  • ALL CAPS do not make you special…it only makes me skip past your comments. you are not special MISS ALL CAPS.

    when people follow you on twitter then say something in their timeline about, “people’s favorite tweets say a lot about them” then they delete you as a follower! LOL i had a “poetess” do that to me and i found it hilarious. i guess since i wasn’t part of the “clique” of the black cultural elite/intelligentsia, i wasn’t worth following. well, she isn’t worth the constant tweets of her ‘wisdom’, which brings me to my next point: people who tweet so much WISDOM as if they know everything LOL *eye-roll*

    constant tweeting….don’t these people WORK???

    inspirational posts on facebook…ummm, but i knew you in high school and you were not so thoughtful. -_-

  • another one i’m gonna add to the list!

    i’m so sick of people on facebook claiming to be a model simply because they took a picture bending over!!! apparently every woman is a model. in california that is most likely a description of 80% of the women!

    i’m also sick of FAUXtographers. just because you take a picture of random things doesn’t make you a professional photographer! just because you use photoshop to blur the hell out of yourself to the point that you’re unrecognizable does NOT=professional. STOP IT! lol

    just because you take a picture of your girlfriend in her panties, put it through photoshop and make it black and white does not make you a professional photog nor her a model. end of story!