Poking. Incessant re-tweeting. Overly preachy status messages. Hashing out your relationship drama on various social networks. Racist/sexist jokes. These are some of my (many) social media pet peeves.

Despite loving the interaction social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others offer, sometimes it can all get too much and just a bit annoying.

In August, I wrote about social media fatigue. Back then I learned that Americans spend approximately 53 billion hours (yes, billion) on Facebook every, single, month. Moreover, with 800 million Facebook users and 140 million Twitter users, something will inevitably rub us the wrong way.

While it’s difficult to completely opt out of all social media networks, not getting worked up by the myriad of annoying things that come across our timelines sometimes proves difficult.

Last week I stumbled on a funny little spoof about some of the things that grate our nerves on social media. In the song, a take on Chief Keef’s underground hit “I Don’t Like,” sock puppets go to town about all of the things they hate about social media.

Check it out.

What are some of your social media pet peeves?

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