For two weeks I had to listen to a friend lament about a date that was two weeks away. It was a case of the butterflies gone bad, horribly bad. She met this guy on a flight to Canada, and they immediately hit it off. Before the end of the flight, cards were exchanged, cheesy smiley photos were taken on each of their cameras, and a long lingering hug was shared after the plane landed. Immediate plans were made to meet in a mutual city for a date. Every day, they spoke on the phone, texted, Facebooked, and e-mailed. You’d think the hardest part was already accomplished, since they spent a 4 hour flight together.

A week before the date, she panicked. She couldn’t figure out what to pack, what to wear the night of the date, how to fix her hair, what color to paint her toes. Honestly, I was trying my hardest not to tell her to “STFU.” The only reason why I didn’t was because I’ve experienced first date jitters, lots of times.

A first date can go a few ways. Either A) There is an attraction (whether physical or mental) or B) There isn’t. But, sometimes it’s not always so cut and dry. Depending on the type of date, lets say the movies (not a good type, BTW), you can’t always get a feel of the person. Sure, you can immediately tell if you’re physically attracted to a person, unless you’re blind. But, it’s hard to gauge a person’s personality while watching a movie and shoving popcorn in your mouth.

I often wonder if men experience first date jitters or fears. Do they stand in their mirror wondering, “What if she doesn’t like me?”, or “What if these pants are too tight?”, “Is my shape-up on point?”

My friend eventually had her first date with Mr. Mile High, and it went off without a hitch. They enjoyed each other’s company and have been dating consistently ever since. I still take a jab at her every now and then about how nervous she was, but it happens.

Have you ever experienced first date jitters? What were they about/How did you overcome them?

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