Last year Aretha Franklin announced her autobiography, “From These Roots”, was heading to the big screen. She now has approved a story treatment on her biopic and has ordered a script, according to a release from her rep. She is also in negotiations with top directors and producers.

Who would play Aretha? That was the question everyone was wondering, but Aretha had her own suggestion. When asked who she felt could play her, Aretha, to the astonishment of most people, stated Halle Berry. You could almost hear the crickets chirping in the background. Some people would say having Halle portray Aretha would be a huge stretch. Apparently Halle thought so too, and said although shes flattered, shes not a singer.  Most people would probably look at the present day Aretha and forget that in her younger days, Aretha definitely looked different. She kind of has Halle’s old nose.

Finding someone to portray Aretha won’t be an easy feat. Outside of finding “Aretha” , Franklin’s wish list for other roles includes Audra McDonald, Nia Long, Kerry Washington and Blair Underwood.  To add even more intense pressure to anyone wanting to grab a role in her movie, Aretha is expecting actors to audition in front of her. In the press release about the biopic Aretha’s people stated, “From The Roots is an epic tale with probably the most starring and supporting roles since Roots.”

If you could cast Aretha Franklin’s biopic, who would you cast in the starring role?

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