Just weeks after Kanye West released his “Ode to Kim Kardashian” a song titled, “Perfect Bitch”, and subsequently caught a lot of flack for it. Last night Kanye turned to his millions of Twitter followers to “talk it out”.  In a stream of tweets, Kanye questioned his own use of the word “bitch” and attempted to compare it to using the “N” word as a term of endearment.

He questions whether the words now have a “neutral” effect, depending on who uses them.

Let’s test out his theory with a few scenarios:

Kanye in a convo with Kim K

Kanye: Kim, you’re the perfect bitch.

Kanye: Aww ‘ye, you’re so sweet.

Random guy on the street harassing a woman who refuses to give him her attention:

Random guy: Yo, bitch. You hear me talking to you!

Random woman’s response: *sucks teeth* *rolls eyes* *walks faster*

Kanye in a convo  with Jay-Z

Kanye: Yo, Jay, you know you’ll always be my nigga

Jay Z:  Ha, ha!

Two white men standing in the bathroom stalls at the RNC last week:

White Guy #1: Did you see that n*gger camera woman, they got her good!

White Guy #2: Take that you post-racial n*gger!

People always want to rationalize the use of the “n” word and differentiate between it having the hard “er” or “a” at the end of it.  Growing up, I was taught to never use either, and I never have.

Apparently now, there’s a rationalizing of the word bitch. It’s all fun and games until either of those words are used in an offensive matter, so why use them at all?  Each of those words have such a negative connotation and origin that will never diminish. I’m not sure what woman, besides Kim Kardashian, would feel that it’s ok for anyone to refer to her as bitch. Man, woman, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter who says it, it has never been considered a term of endearment and never will be. It’s demeaning and disgusting, no matter how “nice” you try to make it.

So Kanye, to answer your question. No, be it a bad bitch or a perfect bitch, no woman wants to be referred to as one. Next time you feel the need to call a woman a bitch, just ask yourself a simple question, “What Would Donda Do?”. And for you women out there, who thinks it’s cute when your “man” refers to you as one, or when you refer to yourself as one, stop condoning it and perpetuating the use of it, you’re making the rest of us look bad.


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