There’s plenty of discussion about the struggle to get black women to cover mainstream magazines but nabbing the cover isn’t the only battle. Behind-the-scenes, black cover and feature subjects often grapple with the publication’s creative team, namely the hairstylists.

Stylists are hired who aren’t familiar with textured hair, and it shows in the way they handle black women’s strands. Several celebrities and models have spoken out about it including Tyra Banks and Jourdan Dunn. The latest star to take her hair grievances publicly is Rihanna.

While the pop star didn’t share which outlet she was working with, she did air her frustration about hairstylists that are uneducated on black hair:

We have to agree with her. A few mainstream glossies get it right, but most either damage the hair and style it horribly, coax the subject into slapping on a wig or ask them to bring their own team (which is exactly what I would do, if I was in their shoes).

But each of those scenarios are troubling when you consider the plethora of educated African-American hairstylists looking for jobs. Can’t mainstream magazines just hire them?

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Will mainstream magazines ever wise up when it comes to styling black hair?

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