“Transformation is not a future event. It is a present activity. That is why you must bring everything that you have to give in every moment. And it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s not about perfect; it’s about effort. When you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens, that’s how change occurs.” – Jillian Michaels.

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to start doing better tomorrow, or next week, or next month?

While many of us want to make some serious changes in our lives–be they professional, romantic, or health-wise—some of us fall into the faulty thinking that change happens some time in the future. Perhaps you think that when you reach your stated career goals, then you’ll be able to shift your focus to relationships or family, or maybe you think that once you find a suitable partner, then you’ll work on being more open and vulnerable. While these things sound good in theory, life doesn’t work like that.

Change (as it relates to our goals) is not something that happens in the future, it is an activity we presently engage in. And if we want to see some real, remarkable changes in our lives we must remember they don’t magically happen overnight. They come as a result of lots of hard work, dedication, and a will to see it through.

Time to get busy, Clutchettes.

Happy Monday! 

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