All over the country school is back in session, which means that in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, students are also getting reacquainted with their schools’ dress code.  But one student got a rude awakening when she was allegedly dismissed from class due to her skin-colored leggings.

Daja, an 11-year-old honors student at Mount Gleason Middle School just outside of Los Angeles, was sent to the principal’s office by a teacher’s assistant because her dark brown leggings matched closely with her skin. According to reports, the teacher’s assistant allegedly told Daja the leggings were too racy because their color made her appear as if she had on no pants.

Daja’s mother, Yolanda Tunstill, is upset and contends her daughter was discriminated against, arguing that 80 percent of Daja’s wardrobe consists of leggings and the school never had a problem with them before.

“I felt discriminated against,” Deja’s mother told KTLA news. “Shocked… like, I mean are you serious? I can’t believe this.”

Tunstill argues that had Daja been reprimanded in the past for her leggings she would understand, but she told a local news affiliate that her daughter “wears them all the time,” and “there has never been a problem before until she wore the brown ones, and then it became a problem.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District insists Daja was not dismissed from class due to her skin color and the “appropriate administrative action” was taken against the teacher’s assistant. Despite this, Ms. Tunstill is considering suing the district.

What do you think? Was Daja discriminated against because of her leggings or did her mom overact? 

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