“Being bisexual doubles your chances of getting a date on a Saturday night. Anything else is irrelevant.” ~ Woody Allen

A few months ago a friend introduced me to her cousin, who just moved into the Maryland area. She thought that I could be his tour guide of sorts, and show him around the area. I had no problem in showing a newcomer around, so we hung out a few times around and ventured around the Baltimore and D. C. areas. We always had great conversations and it was never a dull moment. He eventually asked if I’d like to go out on a ‘real’ date, besides the platonic hanging out we were doing, I figured it couldn’t hurt. Just another person to add my gaggle.

During our dinner, there were laughs and wine. Nothing out of the ordinary, until he dropped the bomb on me.

“Yesha, have you ever dated a man who dated men as well?”, he asked.

*Insert the sound of crickets chirping*

In speaking with a few of my girlfriends, many of them said their reasoning for not dating a bi-sexual man was because they didn’t want to worry about the ‘competition’ being doubled. They said it was bad enough that they could end up cheating on them with a woman, but adding a man to the equation was something totally different. I guess they feel the extra competition is something they’re not ready to deal with. But what they don’t understand, is that if he’s a cheater, he’ll cheat regardless of his sexuality.

During that dinner, the award for the world’s longest awkward pause would have definitely gone to me. Now, I’m all for people choosing to participate in whatever lifestyle they choose to, I could never see myself dating a man who’s bisexual. Eventually, after the world’s longest awkward pause, I was able to tell him that. Although I appreciated his candor, I just couldn’t get down like that, as open-minded as I like to consider myself, I guess I’m just not “that” open.

Clutchettes, could you see yourself a bisexual man?

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  • Mari

    I’m of fairly ambiguous sexuality myself and I really like the fact that the man I’m seeing has been with men in the past. I like that he’s open-minded and not scared of his own sexuality. He identifies as straight, but is probably pretty flexible. He is completely comfortable with himself, and because we’re both so open, our sexual communication is amazing!

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Hell to the nawl!

  • jess

    I could not and would not! Who you date is your business…until you begin dating me. Plain and simple.

  • RJ

    I would have no opposition to being in a relationship with a bisexual man who was upfront with me. There is often a misconception that bisexuals are unfaithful. They aren’t. I think as long as he is open about his sexuality and vows to be faithful, I am open to it. We both need to get tested for STDs etc. But STDs are something that we need to worry about as women anyway.

    And as for the masculinity argument. There are MANY masculine gay men. To me having an attraction to another man does not make you feminine. I am also attracted to effeminate men, so I could care less.

  • I think that the highest commenter’s rating, though somewhat small, expresses my thoughts somewhat. I feel bisexual men are sometimes socially pressured into accepting sleeping with other men as their only option because of blogs like this.

    Honestly, a woman who can not accept a man loving them because of that man’s open expression of sexuality? If only women knew this possible truth,. They’ve probably slept with a bi man in the past that simply identified as straight.

    Quit weeding the gene pool of honest men, and a woman may find they enjoy the company of a man that digs them more than 99% of the male and female population combined.