We were first introduced to Tracee Ellis Ross on the hit show “Girlfriends,” and immediately, became fans of her beautiful natural hair, quirky charm and vibrant personality. Social media gave Tracee’s fans even more access to her sunny disposition, stylish whims and deep and provocative thoughts. Now, Tracee’s opening up even more with a new website, traceeellisross.com.

The site is less than a week old, and we’re already excited about the content, visuals and conversation it promises to deliver. Here are 5 reasons we love traceeellisross.com:

1. The Quotes

Tracee is doling out her unique brand of optimism with inspiring quotes that reflect her positive outlook on life. One we love? “Laughter is carbonated happiness,” by Anne Lamott.

2. The Fashion

A veritable style darling, Tracee is vocal about the fact that she styles herself, and thoroughly enjoys doing it. So far, she has shared something of a virtual vision board replete with magazine tears that serve as inspiration for her many red carpet outfits. Style enthusiasts will be sure to love a peek into that process.

3. Well Being

Tracee is into being whole and healthy from the inside out, and to that end, she’ll share recipes for tasty dishes. Her first “obscenely delicious” snack is prosciutto and avocado on bread.

4. Hair

Being the natural hair icon that she is, Tracee’s site will be chock ful of tips, product recommendations and styling techniques behind her famously gorgeous ‘fro. She’s already dished on the “round brush blowout” look she rocked on the red carpet.

5. Commentary

Alongside inspiration, style and healthy living, Tracee delves into more provocative topics, offering a fresh perspective on issues that have a great impact. She posted an insightful and poignant essay on body image to encourage thoughtful conversation and debate.

What do you think of Tracee Ellis Ross’ site, traceeellisross.com, Clutchettes?

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