As a kid, I was never the girl that was into dolls, but my sisters were. I remember one year they each received a Kenya doll and played with that doll until the arms fell off, literally. Outside of their white barbies, and the white barbies painted brown, Kenya was their first doll specifically geared towards little black girls. Well, as of this Autumn, Kenya is making a comeback and she’s bringing her friends with her.

According to Kenya’s website:

In 1992, Kenya was introduced to African-American girls during the Christmas holiday season. An incredible success, little girls everywhere fell in love with this special doll – Kenya sold out by year’s end. Kenya, launched in multiple skin tones with exciting fashion options, evoked such a spirit of pride and self-identity, response was overwhelming. Kenya became the most popular African-American doll in history. In Autumn 2012, Kenya returns! Classic Kenya is back with the beautiful features and fashions that first endeared the doll to girls everywhere. Moms who fondly remember Kenya can now share this special doll with their own daughters and granddaughters. Look for Kenya to once again become the hottest doll for African-American girls. With the fashion, friends and styling accessories, this doll will be a young girl’s most prized possession. Establish your own legacy with Kenya. See retailers near you for all Kenya products.

Along with the “classic” Kenya, there’s also updated version of Kenya dolls, which looks as though they were styled with “fashion” in mind. Kenya, along with her friends Denise, TJ and Keyshia will come in different skin tones and hairstyles. In keeping social media in mind, Kenya also has a blog and music video. The artist portraying Kenya is actually Beyonce’s cousin, Shanica Knowles. Proud’s lyrics express sentiments of Kenya being proud of her beauty, inside and out, as well as being smart.

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