During a brief stint as a diversity trainer for a flooring manufacturer, I had the lovely opportunity to travel to Northern Georgia and speak to a group of factory workers. By lovely, I mean it was probably one of the worst experiences I had trying to shatter stereotypes between a group of people. In this particular instance, the Black and White employees joined forces to attack the Latino employees. They were of the “They’re taking our jobs” mindset. Excuse me? What jobs are they taking, since you apparently have one that you’re coming to work to every morning, and being bigots during the day?

This is the mindset one anti-immigration group is preying on. NumbersUSA, a group opposed to immigration, aired an ad during the presidential debate, that is preying on the idea that immigrants will take jobs away from African-Americans. The ad depicts a black man and his family in their kitchen, and he’s expressing concern about the lack of jobs. “What I don’t understand is why our leaders are going to admit another million immigrant workers next year to take jobs when 3 million black Americans can’t find work,” the man in the ad says. “I mean, do our leaders really think black Americans don’t want to work? Let’s slow down mass immigration and save jobs for Americans — all Americans?”

NumbersUSA, attempted to defend itself, by saying that they’re not trying to practice dirty politics, but only to provide a look at who’s actually being hurt by the influx of immigrants. Of course the immigrants in question are only Latino ones. “Most advocates of high immigration pose as especially concerned about our country’s ethnic minorities and about the poor,” wrote Roy Beck, NumbersUSA CEO on the company blog. “But when we cite unemployment statistics for America’s minorities while noting how many foreign workers are being added to compete with them, that really threatens the whole facade of morality that has been built around immigration policies that are disproportionately hurting the poor, especially poor minorities.”

Do you feel the ad is a scare tactic and divisive?

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