You almost can’t turn on the news, sign on to social media or visit your favorite haunt on the blogosphere without hearing about a new celebrity sex tape. It’s perplexing to me because I had no idea that many people filmed their sexual trysts. I never have, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t leave it lying around the house for someone to find or on my computer’s desktop for someone to hack. Isn’t that how celebrities claim the sextapes get out? Because you’d have to be a fool to believe every tape just accidentally falls into the wrong hands and conveniently boosts the particpant’s career.

But I digress.

From the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee home video to Kanye West’s rumored home movies (yes, plural), sextapes are as prevalent these days as a new Rihanna album.

Big Sean said as much when being interviewed about, you guessed it, a new celebrity sex tape. In his case, it was a rumored tape between him and Nicki Minaj, which he denies:

“If [his mixtape] didn’t do good, which it did, I was just going to drop a sex tape. Because sex tapes are the new mixtape.”

Well, atleast he’s honest about it.

Hey, if it worked for Kim Kardashian…




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