I consider myself the queen of hygiene. I wash my clothes more often than necessary, as I have the luck of a washer and dryer in my New York City apartment. More luck? I have a huge selection of bras since I used to be the lingerie market editor at a popular magazine. But am I washing my bras enough?

This question came to mind after I read an article on Jezebel referencing a “Good Morning America” segment in which bra expert Linda Becker shares this tidbit of information:

“There’s no need to wash [your bra] in between each use. You can wear a bra up to 7 or 8 times before cleaning it.”

After each use? Forget about it. But 7-8 times? Depending on who you’re talking to, that’s too long or not long enough.

One woman rotates five that she loves to wear and washes them all once a week. Another goes up to ten times before giving her bras a good cleaning. Still another washes her bras “whenever they get dirty,” she says before chuckling.

I generally do laundry once every two weeks and throw my bras in a delicate cycle for good measure, so I feel like I just make the 7-8 times mark.

But I wonder: is 7-8 times a regimen women actually subscribe to?

What say you, Clutchettes? Are you washing your bras enough?

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