Kelly Kapoor was my favorite character on The Office. When people would mention Steve Carell, I would quickly dismiss the thought of him on the show, and change the subject back to K.K. (that’s what I called her in my head). If you’ve been living under a rock, Kelly Kapoor was played by Mindy Kaling. For the longest time, her character was one of the few that I could relate to on television. Not just because of her gorgeous brown skin, but because of the quirkiness and awkwardness. When Mindy’s book, “Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?” was published, it further solidified my stanning for her. So yes, I stan for Mindy Kaling.

Recently Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project aired on Fox and it has been heralded as being groundbreaking. Mindy’s show is the first sitcom starring and created by an Indian-American. Although Mindy’s ethnicity is evident, it is not what defines her character on The Mindy Project. Personally, I think Mindy’s show is hilarious, but of course not everyone agrees that it is. The Hollywood Reporter called The Mindy Project’s performance “optimistic (if slightly unimpressive),” Entertainment Weekly says it “disappointed a bit” and The Wrap proclaims its debut “so-so.” Deadline judges the entire Fox Tuesday-night comedy block to be “slow out of the gate.”To each his own. Critics will critique, that’s their job.

In a segment for W. Kamau Bell’s new show Totally Biased, writer Hari Kondabolu explains just why Mindy’s show is important.

Have you watched The Mindy Project? What do you think of it?

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