Be Sexy for You


After Roy Raymond felt embarrassed about lingerie shopping for his wife in a department store, he decided to create Victoria’s Secret in 1977 and the rest is history. The success of Victoria’s Secret has added another purpose to underwear. Today, many women wait each month for it’s catalogue’s arrival, which contains high fashion pictures of its hot supermodels who often walk the runways of its annual fashion show and prance around seductively in its commercials.

Although the company was founded by a man, you probably won’t find many men holding the pink bags or waiting in line for the reduced price push-up bras during the big semi-annual sale. However, the reason for the shopping for lingerie is to invisibly bond to the male gaze. We shop for men to take it off. Even granny panties (once only used for that time of the month) have turned sexy. But being sexy has nothing to do with men. It’s all about you.

Whether your boyfriend is out-of-town, you’re on a man-cation or you’re seeking to reconnect with yourself, your bedroom heat should not fizzle just because you’re alone.

Revamp your panty drawer and throw away anything old or holey. Then repeat this:

I, (your name), am a sexy, sensual being. I don’t try — I just am. I promise every night before I lay my head down to sleep if I’m not wearing my birthday suit, I’m wearing only what accurately captures my being.

One more time.

Now, be sexy for you.

Do you keep your bedroom spiced up even when you’re solo?

– Shavon Donnell

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