It’s going on three months and it seems like years. I try not to dwell on it, but it’s not like I have a timeframe that I’m sticking to. I just haven’t gotten any. In. Three. Months. But then there’s  Sony Pictures Executive DeVon Franklin, on a promotional tour for his book Produced By Faith, telling Global Grind that before he married Meagan Good, he was celibate for 10 years. Three months compared to ten years? Well, like I said, I don’t have a timeframe I’m sticking to. Hell, it could all end this weekend. It wasn’t like I said to myself, “Self, we’re going celibating (as opposed to celebrating, yes I know it’s not a word)”. I just haven’t had the desire, or time to even think about it. That was until I read about DeVon Franklin. I think it takes a strong man to pull off ten years, but he was also deep into his Christianity faith, so that played a huge role in it.

Some people take their vows of celibacy quite serious. There are also those that assume just because a person is celibate is due to a lack of options when it comes to sexual partners. But that’s not always the case.Whether it’s for religious reasons, health, time, or self-empowerment, a self-imposed dry season isn’t a bad thing. So far the longest stretch I’ve been able to accomplish was 3 years. But after that it was on like donkey-kong, when I got into a committed relationship.

Just because you’re celibate doesn’t mean you can’t date or actually be intimate. There’s just no sex in the champagne room. And to me, sex means no type of sex at all. Whether it’s oral, vaginal or anal, if that floats your boat.  There’s even dating sites geared for people practicing celibacy, which makes it easier not to do the sexy if your partner is practicing as well.

Can I make it to ten years like DeVon Franklin? Probably not. Can I make it till the weekend? Maybe, but I’ve decided to stop counting. Time flies when you’re not having sex.

Have you had periods of celibacy? How long did it last & why?

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