12 year old Talia Castellano is a Youtube makeup sensation. With over 200,000 Youtube subscribers, she dishes out makeup advice and tutorials with wit and enthusiasm. But what separates her from other Youtubers is the health issues she’s battling. Talia has been suffering from two forms of aggressive cancer,  neuroblastoma since 2007 and the preleukemia that’s recently sprung up in her bone marrow. “I love and adore makeup, using it as my wig and having so much self-confidence to go out to the grocery store without a wig,” she says in one of her videos. “It’s just amazing.”

Last month in a Youtube video, she said her dream was to meet Ellen Degeneres.  Of course word got around to Ellen, and she made Talia’s dream come true.

The biggest surprise of the show came from CoverGirl. Not only did she become an honorary CoverGirl, but they also gave her a check for $20,000. This week CoverGirl released a photo of Talia and named her the “honorary face” of the cosmetic line.

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