Recently on a Today Show Panel, Star Jones joked about her infamous prenup, “There was enough in my pre-nup, that a gnat’s ass couldn’t come through it”. Although she couldn’t elaborate any further than that, it was pretty clear that Star Jones wasn’t playing when it came to having an iron clad agreement. A prenuptial agreement, often shortened to “prenup,” is a legal agreement entered into by an engaged couple prior to being married. A prenup is designed to protect both sides. First by protecting the person with the ‘assets’ and then by making sure the other person is taken ‘care of’. But that is with the right pre-nup.

Nowadays, people have gone clause crazy with pre-nups. The Today Show segment mentioned three different pre-nups. One couple’s pre-nup limited the amount of weight each spouse could gain. Another said the wife could not cut her long hair. And another had this in-law clause: “If husband is rude to wife’s parents, husband agrees to pay $10,000 for each infraction.” I guess people have thrown out the adage of “for better or for worse” out of the window.

Would I divorce my husband if he happened to gain an extra 40 pounds? No, but I’d make sure we both joined a gym and work that 40 pounds off together. Apparently the person that added the hair cutting clause doesn’t realize that hair grows back, no matter how many times you cut it. God forbid his wife receives a cancer diagnosis, and loses her hair during chemo. Now in-laws are always a touchy subject. What exactly is ‘rude’? I think rude is somewhat subjective, and could also be costly. Is not inviting the wife’s parents to Sunday night dinner considered being rude? Or would it have to be something more drastic like, not inviting them over for their grandchild’s birthday party. Either way, $10, 000 is a pretty hefty price.

If people are being this extreme with their pre-nups, maybe they’re better off being single or shacking up. Why get married if you’re going to have tons of fine print?

Would you sign a pre-nup that included a crazy clause?

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