Once October hits, the dreaded countdown to the first snow drops begins. We love iced sidewalks, red noses, and not being able to feel our hands or face, no? Don’t get me wrong, though. There are some things to look forward to with low temperatures. From fab layers, pretty jackets, hats and bad boots, winter is definitely a haute season for fashion. Yet, as we transition from summer to winter, fall is a good season to cramp in some activities before it gets too cold.

Things to Do and See…

1) Hit up the Pool.
It may be too breezy to enjoy the ocean at the beach, but throwing or attending an indoor pool party is a good idea. Think about like this: you can wear the bikini you bought several months ago. It took you the entire summer to lose the five pounds you made a pact to lose before summer started. Better late than never. Thanksgiving comes before next summer.

2) Attend a Community Fair or Street Market
Before your community members pack up their talents for a better season, check them out. You may find some nice items to liven up your apartment or closet during winter’s gloomy days.

3) Do Outdoor Exercise Activities
For those of us who don’t care for the gym and often use the “it’s too hot” excuse for not exercising in the summer — rollerblading and cycling are great fall outdoor activities. Throw on a light jacket, pants and roll or ride out like you did when you were younger.

4) Catch a Free Outdoor Concert
Go solo. Mingle in with crowd. You will probably be hoarse but it will be fun, and you won’t have the runny nose and itchy eyes.

5) Clean Your Closet
That tank you actually outgrown but proceeded to wear as a tube top under a see-through lace blouse — please throw it out. Fall comes with many different fashion choices and trends, so you’re just making room and getting the opportunity to donate your clothes again.

6) Get The “Last” Pedicure
Some argue that there is no need to get pedicures in the winter because nobody will see your feet. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them. Go crazy with designs and try bold colors. Your “final” professional pedicure should be haute before you have to bury your toes in socks and boots for the next several months.

Things to Wear…

7) Every Sandal in Your Shoe Box
Yes, rock every gladiator heel, open-toe wedge, and multicolored strappy pump/sandal before you’re bombarded with boots.

8 ) Your “In Between” Leather Jacket
Only rainy spring or summer days and fall calls for your favorite jacket that is not too heavy but warm enough to protect you. It’s like having a sweet love affair occurring only when you absolutely need it. Blazers and jean jackets are also great “in-between” outer wear pieces.

9) Your Suede Boots
Salt and water just don’t mix with the delicate material of your suede boots. Be cute but wise. Wear these only during the fall or during winter days when there is absolutely no snow falling.

10) Your Bare Legs
It’s great that you can still wear dresses during cold weather with tights and stockings. However, nothing beats the sight of your smooth, shaved bare legs. In the fall, you can compensate for some of the breeze by layering the top of your silhouette while you strut bare-legged with ankle boots. Hot!

11) Your Shorts
Don’t put those shorts in your summer box just yet. This is when you bring out the stockings and tights to rock under your favorite jean shorts. This combo creates a nice contrast for a fall look.

12) Insert Your Favorite Piece You Won’t Give Up Here
There are many different items that are hard to give up during certain seasons. If you’re creative enough, you can pull them off without a problem.

What are some things you would like to do or see before winter comes?

– Shavon Donnell

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