When the story broke that Zoe Saldana had been cast to play jazz legend Nina Simone, everyone had an opinion. Many rallied around the perspective that Zoe could not play Nina because she didn’t resemble her physically; Nina’s complexion and facial features, they argued, are an integral part of her legacy and the biopic should honor that. Others felt the criticism of Nina’s casting was a form of colorism and surmised that Zoe’s as qualified to play Nina as any other actress.

Jill Scott is the latest to weigh in on the debate and she presents an interesting perspective. The singer said Zoe gets her blessing to play Nina, but she could use a little help stepping into the role.

She told Hello Beautiful:

“Zoe is an incredible actress,” Scott prefaced, before adding: “I think that there should be some work done, like a prosthetic nose would be helpful and definitely some darker makeup. If Forest Whitaker can become darker in The Last King Of Scotland then I believe Nina should be treated with that respect…[Simone] was very adamant about her color, about her nose, about her shape and herself and there needs to be some homage paid to that.”

Zoe wouldn’t be the first actor to use makeup to help her inhabit a character, and that could quiet concerns that Zoe won’t resemble Nina in the film.

What’s your opinion, Clutchettes? Do you agree with Jill Scott: if Zoe Saldana wears dark makeup and a prosthetic nose, will that make her a better fit to play Nina Simone?

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  1. Queen Ki

    Orrrrrr, we can make life easier by casting someone who actually RESEMBLES Nina.

    • True. Will Hollywood just start casting white actors and applying blackface and prosthetic noses in the future? They got Angelina Jolie to play a mixed woman. Who knows what’s next.

    • Jay Cee

      To cast Zoe Saldana is just beyond RIDICULOUS!

    • Jay Cee

      Like Viola Davis!

  2. I agree! Viola Davis would play a marvelous version of Nina Simone. And I think it would be more believable. I think they need to cast someone who physically resembles Nina Simone. I have no issues with Zoe Saldana as an actor but it’s not going to be convincing if she’s playing Nina Simone with her face and skin. That’s like Jordin Sparks playing Nina Simone. Nothing wrong with Jordin Sparks either but Nina and Jordin just don’t look similar so it would look ridiculous for her to play Nina Simone. Angela Bassett played Tina Turner but they were like the same skin tone but they didn’t resemble at all. I honestly think they could make a re-make of that movie and cast Glozell for the part of Tina Turner because she looks exactly like Tina Turner lol.

  3. No not that Jess

    what an ignorant statement on the part of Jill Scott. Black people are so limited in mentality.