A man was shot and killed Wednesday morning at Pastor Creflo Dollar’s megachurch in College Park, Georgia. According to reports, the man was a praise leader and was killed by a fellow parishioner.

Police confirm the man was shot at approximately 10:30 a.m. and was rushed to South Fulton Hospital in critical condition; he later died.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Police are looking for a suspect who left the scene of the church, which is located at 2500 Burdett Road. Police are looking for a black Subaru in connection with the shooting, which reportedly occurred in the chapel where the church hosts a Bible study every Wednesday.

Karen Webb, who had taken her mother to the church for Bible study, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she was told the victim was shot six times.

“I brought my mother up here to go to church — every Wednesday she attends Bible study. As soon as we get here I’m told someone has been shot,” Webb said. “He was one of the praise leaders.” Webb said she was told the shooter was a 20-year member of the church.

While the details leading up to the shooting are still unclear, I think we can all agree that violence is rarely the answer.

*Photo via NBC 11

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