Recently a friend informed me that she was moving to Oregon, to be closer to her boyfriend. She knew from the look on my face that I didn’t approve at all. Although they were together for over a year, there were times when they took hiatuses from each other. But now she was contemplating uprooting her life.

When I moved to Maryland 9 years ago, it was under the guise of a new job. But, a budding relationship played a huge role in it as well. Sure I had secured a position, but before that I secured a boyfriend as well. He was the icing on the cake. The Galant was packed, apartment eventually found, then I became a Maryland resident.

Although the job opportunity lasted a few years, after a few months the guy and I parted ways. Although we broke up, till this day we remain in contact with each other. I explained my story to my girlfriend just so she could contemplate her move a little harder. Moving from Maryland to Oregon, isn’t a 3 hour move from New Jersey to Maryland.

Last week we said our farewells before she packed the last of her items into the moving pods. I wished her luck and gave her a huge hug. As she pulled off in her car, I texted her boyfriend, “You better be good to her, or else”. He responded with a, “Yes, mean ass”. Sometimes in life you have to throw caution to the wind and follow your heart. But that also means you have to take what comes next, whether good or bad.

Would you relocate for a significant other?

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  • Kam

    Every couple years I get the itch to move, so it’s not out of the question, but I’d only move if the relationship was absolutely SERIOUS, and only if I had a job lined up and would be able to live on my own. Honestly, I probably really wouldn’t do it unless I was engaged or married. The person in this story does not sound like she has a strong enough relationship with the man for her to be moving. I hope she has the means to take care of herself.

  • Fuchsia

    Absolutely! I hate long distance relationships, and I love new experiences.It’s not just a boyfriend I would move for either. I would move for friends and family too. I’m independent enough to make it on my own if it doesn’t work out, and if all else fails I can always go back home.

  • Ashley

    I would move only if I had a secure job in his area and talks of engagement were on the rise. But personally, if the move is solely for us to be together, I’d rather him move to me (maybe temporarily) and then we pick somewhere to settle together once I finished school.

    But on another (and slightly feminist) note, I find it really interesting how many women are openly willing to move for their significant other and more often they are the one that eventually ends up moving. I wonder why men arent or don’t appear to be as willing to pick up everything and move…