As the President gears up for tonight’s first Presidential debate, he may be buoyed by the fact that he’s celebrating a milestone with the First Lady.

Twenty years ago today, the couple wed at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and from the looks of things, they have been going strong ever since.

Last month during the Democratic National Convention, Mrs. Obama said she loved the President more today than when they first met, and it shows. The couple, who is one of the most affectionate First Couples we’ve ever seen, credit strong communication and regular date nights for keeping their union strong.

Watching how the Obama interact is not only heart-warming, but also extremely important. While our parents and grandparents should be our biggest relationship role models, some have never seen or experienced a positive romantic relationship in their lives. And in the midst of the media’s constant attack against black women, and black couples, the President and Mrs. Obama show the depth and beauty of black love.

Who are your relationship role models? 

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