With a month remaining in the presidential race, many voters are hoping the candidates get more specific about their policies and prescriptions for fixing our ailing economy.

In an effort to get each candidate to speak specifically to African-American voters, the NAACP along with National Newspaper Publishers Association, MSNBC, the Grio, and American Urban Radio Network invited each campaign to speak at a forum geared toward black voters but they each declined citing scheduling conflicts.

The New Pittsburg Courier reports:

NNPA President and CEO Bill Tompkins said that the forums like the one proposed by the Black groups would have given Obama the opportunity to outline his support for programs that hope to address issues plaguing the Black community.

“We need to hear that (Obama) is looking out for us, that he cares for us and that he wants us to participate in the great American Dream,” Tompkins explained.

Despite claiming they didn’t have enough time to meet with African-American media outlets, many found it ironic both candidate carved out time to court Latino voters last month.

The NNPA news service explains:

Romney carved out 35 minutes for the program and Obama shared a full hour. The candidates were grilled on topics concerning Latino voters such as immigration,  the drug war, and the controversial Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM).

Univision pressured the candidates to attend the forum held at the University of Miami after organizers of the presidential debate denied Univision’s request to add a fourth debate with a minority moderator.

As Hispanics become the biggest ethnic minority group in the country, African-American voters are finding their influence increasingly waning. But are politicians taking us for granted?

How can black voters leverage their power and get politicians to address the issues that matter to us?

Speak on it! 

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