Tonight, President Obama and Mitt Romney will square off for the second presidential debate.

Going into their first contest, the President had Romney on the ropes and many were looking for him to close out the race. However, Mr. Obama seemed lethargic and failed to point out Romney’s weaknesses. After the first showdown, pundits declared Romney the winner and the governor began picking up steam in the polls.

Tonight finds the pair in a much tighter race, and many are wondering how President Obama will perform. If he hopes to win reelection he will need to turn in a commanding performance and squelch Romney’s momentum.

This debate may prove difficult for each candidate because they will be fielding questions from undecided voters. Although partisans may be looking for each man to come out swinging, they will need to connect to voters while making their case.

Will you be tuning into the debate? What’s your prediction?

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